Saturday, August 22, 2009

Template inside

Here is the inside of the template from my previous post. As you can see there is lots of room in this template. I made the dividers myself, and although you can't see it very well, it didn't come out as I wanted it to. Next time I will plan it out a little better. Thanks for stopping by!1


  1. Karen~

    I love the dividers you created! They house your supplies perfectly :O) And what a cute "house" it is! I adore how you made the apple theme girly with the flourishes. Great job on this week's challenge.

    I hope you figure out how to post multiple pictures at a time. Not sure if you noticed the link above the picture "browse" option, but it allows you to add more photos. Plus you can always click on the add photo button and move the photos where you want them in the post by using your mouse to click and hold while you drag the photo. Hope this helps.

  2. Thanks for the sweet words and help, Kristin, that helps a lot.

  3. This is a very thoughtful gift for a teacher. The dividers look really good.

    When I post to my blog, I upload all of my photos at once (they all show up right at the top) then as I write my blog post, I go to the appropriate photo, right click on it and cut the photo, then go down to where I want to put it, right click and paste the photo. I hope this will work for you!